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This site is dedicated to helping you incorporate plant based, nutritious, delicious and easy vegan meals into your busy life. Switching to a vegan diet

can be easy.

Allow me to guide you to be comfortable preparing satisfying vegan meals and achieving your health and wellness goals!

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Why Be Vegan?

Hi my name is Bre. I'm a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and have a degree in combined biology & psychology. I care deeply about the welfare of all animals, and I am going to convince you to be vegan.


Over the past 6 years I have been slowly releasing the negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that have prevented me from feeling at home in my body. I have realized that the majority of my health and wellness issues have a root cause stemming from the cognitive dissonance created by eating the animals we all love.


My journey towards 100% vegan started by following the approach I developed on

Even Artichokes Have Hearts Wellness & Nutrition.

By directing self-love and compassion towards myself for all food choices, I learned to trust that my body is working with my cravings to help guide me towards achieving my health, body image, wellness, and lifestyle goals. Using this approach I have overcome the psychological influences that were causing me to restrict foods unnecessarily, while my intuition was attempting to guide my food choices. I can now say that I feel free, and I know we all want a healthier relationship to our bodies and food choices, so I trust that using this approach will guide your healing journey as well.

That being said, I truly believe the most healthful diet, the diet that should be followed for the healthiest, most vital body that has abundant energy, is a vegan diet. 

Throughout these few years I have experienced an intuitive guidance that has clearly directed me to consume fewer and fewer animal products. I do truly know we have subconscious guilt about the treatment of other sentient beings, so to heal the body from all disease, we must remove any subconscious barriers. 

The guilt I experienced concerning my choice to consume meat was extreme to the point I turned with hatred towards myself. I'm now consuming a vegan diet and I'm positive that the emotions I experience are best when I'm making the best choices for not only myself, but the entire planet!!!


We all want to feel healthy, happy and loved, and following a vegan diet is the fastest route to your body's healing. The more you believe you only want the best for your health & wellness, the more you can trust that you crave the foods your body needs. 


 Eating only vegan foods is what results in true balance, healing, wellness and vibrant energy. 

I encourage you to go vegan! Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it. I encourage you to take responsibility to know the conditions of slaughterhouses where the 90 billion land animals per year are sent when the humans who have commodified them decide it's their time to be killed for profit and use.


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Please download Essential Vegan Nutrition & if you feel they would be useful in your healing journey, please purchase my eBooks and supplement guides to get your on your way!

For extra support and guidance I do coaching sessions too :)

Do what is best for all the innocent animals!

Please check out my other websites:

Even Artichokes Have Hearts Wellness & Nutrition

Your Lucid Life

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